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PA Grand Canyon Recap (Film)

My girlfriend Alexie and are on a mission together. That mission is to just explore new areas together, take some photos and have a good time. Hopefully she doesn't get annoyed that I constantly want to bring a camera with me and take photos of her. Spontaneously one day I said to her "Let's go to the PA Grand Canyon". She mentioned to me many times a few times that she wanted to visit, and although we went in the middle of November and it was cold and gloomy we decided to pack up the car and head on out.

It was a 6-hour drive to our bed and breakfast in Coudersport, PA, which was a good enough drive for us to decide that we wanted to split it up. We decided to visit Rickett's Glen Park in northern Pennsylvania which was a nice half way point for us. I didn't bring a digital camera on this trip at all, just 3 different film cameras. I brought two Canon AE-1's with me, and a Canonet QL17 GIII which is a fixed lens rangefinder.

Check out some photos from that weekend here. Any questions, just ask!

Steve Grancell